Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı
Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

About Us

Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

The name "BeNova" comes from where?

The name BeNova originates from Nova, which means a suddenly bright star, symbolizing the added value our company offers to its customers. BeNova promises its clients who work with it to make a difference in their sectors and to shine like a star.

Our Vision

To be a global firm in the management consulting sector that comes to mind and exports services, by bringing together key actors with our solutions based on knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

To be more than a solution partner to our companions we journey with, create a more efficient and sustainable structure in their companies by creating value with our holistic and impact-focused studies, and contribute to their changes and improvements.

Our Values

Impact Focus

We believe that the most important prerequisite for creating a sustainable mechanism in the companies we work with is to be impact-focused. We aim to produce applicable and distinctive solutions.


We adapt quickly to change and work with a proactive approach. We enthusiastically welcome innovations.


We value accountability both within and outside the organization. We share every step we take transparently, basing it on honesty and trust.

Data Privacy

In our work, we prioritize the data privacy of all our stakeholders.

Employee Focus

Knowing that the value that makes us who we are and leads us to success is our team, we value our employees' desires and expectations. We believe that the personal development of our team will also carry our company further.

Customer Focus

We conduct our work with solutions we develop specifically for our customers, putting their needs and goals at the center. Customer satisfaction is the basic principle of our work.

Our Three-Step Consulting Methodology

Primarily, our senior consultants conduct a preliminary review and analysis of your company. During this analysis, we use our “Five-dimensional assessment method” tool to deeply examine you in the areas of Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Brand Communication, Human Resources, and Digitization. With this method, we evaluate your company’s competency in all areas and after the evaluation, we conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for each area and present it to you.

After the preliminary review and analysis phase, we identify the areas of your company open to improvement and present our solution proposals for these areas. We draw up an action list. We list as actions what needs to be done in the area or areas we will focus on. Among these, we identify the priority ones. We put forward all these actions with the aim of creating an “impact”. While preparing the action list, we also analyze how similar institutions around the world lean on similar issues. The experience of our team, in particular, allows us to make very accurate analyses.

After identifying the prioritized solution proposals, we create an implementation schedule, considering budget/time constraints. Before moving to the implementation phase, we set up a “project office” that includes your team. We also work as part of the project office and become a team with you at the time of implementation to ensure the transformation is sustainable after the implementation is completed. When the implementation process is completed, we report the gains obtained and the targets for the next process by making an evaluation (post-assessment).

We're Excited to Be Your

Solution Partner

With our management and training consultancy services, we are able to solve all your needs under one roof. We analyze the areas of your company open to development with our developed "5-dimension assessment method" and bring solution proposals for each dimension. Our main priority while doing this is to ensure the sustainability of solution proposals. Afterwards, we continue to support you in the application area by drawing a detailed roadmap with your management and team. We are not just planning and presenting, but we are a real solution partner who is with you in all applications.

Quality Service =

Quality Human Resource + Solution Partners

At BeNova Consulting, we know very well that quality service comes from quality consultants and quality solution partners. Therefore, all our consultants and all our solution partners have been carefully selected. With our expert consultants and solution partners, we know the best practices in the industry, and we are experienced in how to adapt it to you.

We Are with You

in Every Area You Need

With our experienced consultants and the best solution partners, we are with you in every area you need. From designing the organization in the most perfect way to establishing departments, from preparing the strategic plan to calculating the necessary workforce, from ensuring brand communication to determining the pricing strategy, you will be able to receive the best service in every area under one roof. During this process, we will be constantly with you and aim for the best as a part of your team.

Cost-Effective Consultancy 

for Solutions

Solving the problems, you are experiencing within your company is generally much more costly. In addition, the chance of innovative solutions emerging from within the company is very low. From time to time, the problems you need to solve are really important, but you do not have the manpower to focus on these. You have to focus on daily operations, and you can't focus on this critical problem. As BeNova Consulting, we focus only on this problem and we have experience against similar situations, so we provide a very different perspective on the solution of the problem and help you solve the problem much faster and cost-effectively.

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