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Privacy Policy

Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

1. Introduction

Benova Consulting Consulting Services Limited Company (“Benova Consulting”) is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its website as a principle. This Privacy Policy explains what kind of information is collected about users visiting the website, how this information is used and protected.

Furthermore, this Privacy Policy specifies how the accuracy of this information can be verified by the data subject and how the deletion of this information can be ensured. Benova Consulting fulfills all necessary processes required for the processing and use of such information in compliance with the current and applicable data protection regulations.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites linked from the Benova Consulting site.

2. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

Personal data related to visitors of Benova Consulting’s website is only possible if these individuals voluntarily enter data or provide explicit consent. Data entry or explicit consent indicates acceptance of the conditions stated below.

When the company’s website is visited, certain information required for system management, statistics, and backup applications will be automatically stored on the servers. Among the stored data are the name of the visitor’s internet service provider, in some cases the IP address, the version of the web browser software, the operating system of the accessed computer, the internet site that directed the user to the Benova Consulting site, and the personal data notified by the user to our company online. Depending on the situation, such data allows for certain conclusions to be drawn about the site visitor. However, no personal information will be used within this framework. Such personal data can only be used by anonymizing them. If Benova Consulting redirects this data to a service provider, the necessary technical and organizational procedures will be carried out for the transfer of the data in accordance with the existing legal regulations on data security.

Benova Consulting undertakes to use, process, or transfer the processed data within the limitations specified in the visitor’s explicit consent declaration. The transfer of such personal data to third parties will only occur if required by judicial or administrative authorities.

3. Storage, Deletion, and Destruction of Personal Data

The provisions of Benova Consulting’s Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy will be applied regarding the storage, deletion, and destruction of personal data.

Benova Consulting is obligated to keep this information confidential and not use it for any other purpose within the framework of contractual obligations by its contractual partners who have access to personal data in order to provide the necessary service.

4. Cookies

Benova Consulting’s Cookie Policy provisions will be applied to the website.

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