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Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

Digital Transformation Consulting

Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı
At BeNova Consulting, we provide management consulting services that focus on digital transformation. We analyze your organization's digital maturity level and processes to identify the specific digitalization actions required for your company.

Conducting Digital Maturity Analysis

Digital transformation is a journey, and before embarking on this journey, it is crucial to know where you currently stand, determine where you want to go, and plan the path to get there. Once you have made these preparations, you can successfully embark on a digital transformation journey. In this regard, we first send a customized self-assessment survey to all employees of the organization to observe the level of digitalization from their perspective. Following the self-assessment survey, we conduct an on-site digital maturity analysis with our consultants.

Identifying Digital Transformation Projects

After completing the digital maturity analysis, we create the organization’s digital report card. We share the survey results and the organization’s digital report card with the top management during a vision workshop. In this workshop, we discuss the organization’s current state, desired end state, strategic objectives, and goals. Together with the outputs obtained from the vision workshop, we identify potential areas for improvement and define the necessary actions and achievable projects (digitalization tools suitable for the organization). We determine the scope and potential gains of all identified projects. By rating the projects on the impact and effort axes from 1 to 5, we create a prioritized project matrix and report it to the top management. Then, together with the top management, we determine the pilot project(s) to be implemented and the subsequent projects that can be carried out.

Supporting the Digital Transformation Process

Once the implementation process begins, we first establish a project office within the organization. The project office, consisting of 2-3 individuals from various departments, works together to create the timeline and detailed actions for the selected pilot project(s). We calculate the necessary budget and potential gains for the implementation of the pilot project(s), present them to the top management for approval. To facilitate the top management’s monitoring of the project, we assist in developing a dashboard where all desired details (action start date, deadline, responsible party, etc.) can be tracked. Towards the end of the pilot project, we conduct feasibility studies for other prioritized projects and present them for the approval of the top management.

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