Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı
Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

Cost Transformation and Budgeting Consulting

Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı
We analyze your organization financially and support you in managing your costs by structuring the budgeting mechanism.

Current Financial Balance Sheet Analysis

Firstly, we examine your past financial results, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income expense tables, and if necessary, we rearrange and consolidate them. We analyze the consolidated tables, review your past performance, expected growth in the coming period, your real profitability, and efficiency. As a result of our analysis and observations, we identify the problematic areas financially and report our correction suggestions to you.

Budgeting Mechanism Structuring

Budget discipline is very important for companies, it eases the decision-making process of upper management and ensures effective control of activities. To use the resources of the business most effectively and to ensure healthy decision making by management, we define the budget processes and design the budget mechanism. We establish a budgeting calendar and discipline, and to ensure compliance with this discipline, we define budgeting metrics (KPIs), and link it to a reward-punishment mechanism.

Determination of Cost-Reducing Methods

We categorize your expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX) from past periods, focusing in detail on large expense items. Then, without decreasing the quality of operations, we reveal costs that can be reduced or eliminated. We treat each of these initiatives as a unique project and also create a mechanism to track costs during the implementation phase.

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