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What is the Effect of Remote Working on Productivity?

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Telecommuting is a working model that refers to employees working outside the office, from their home or another remote location. In this working model, employers and employees conduct their business through the internet and other communication technologies.

Remote working, which has been widely used in Europe in recent years and increased with the Pandemic in our country, has become more common with the development of technology with the programs used, strengthening of internet connections and the spread of digital tools. Many companies are trying to make their business processes sustainable and flexible by offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely.

Although research shows that working remotely is 18% less productive than working in an office environment, this is not the case for employees. Considering the workload of traffic, home and family life, the remote working model allows employees to use their time more efficiently. Advantages and disadvantages vary between employers and employees. Being stuck in traffic for long hours and using public transportation, which are the most distinctive features of metropolitan life, not only waste time but also lead to inefficiency and low energy. Considering the costs of office work, remote working becomes more economical for workplaces.

Supporters of remote work cite the positive impact it brings to the workforce on work-life balance, as well as the savings it provides for businesses that can downsize their offices. Supporters of office work believe that not having teams in the same location has a negative impact on communication and teamwork. However, it points to the difficulty employees pose in recruiting and training young talent who need face-to-face contact with colleagues at an important point in their training and development.

While supporters claim that productivity is unaffected and even improves because employees use the extra time to get more done, those who find office work productive say that remote work reduces productivity as employees are away from the supervision of their colleagues and managers. Given the differences in views regarding the impact on productivity and recent trends supporting more face-to-face working among some of our customers, we wanted to take a detailed look;

Positive Impact on Productivity

Increased Productivity: A nine-month Stanford study of 16,000 workers found that working from home increased productivity by 13%.

Better Work-Life Balance: Remote workers have a better work-life balance; This means less stress and anxiety, more happiness and productivity, and more time for hobbies that stimulate them.

Healthier Lifestyles: Remote workers have a healthier work-life balance and less stress, allowing them to have healthier lifestyles.

Negative Impact on Productivity

Lower Productivity: Fully remote work yields 10% to 20% lower productivity than in-person work, according to a working paper published by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy and Research. Some articles link remote work to productivity declines of 8 to 19 percent, while others find declines of 4 percent for individual workers.

Communication Difficulties: Difficulties in communicating remotely and lack of motivation are one of the main problems that prevent fully remote workers from being more productive.

Distractions: Being distracted at home causes you to procrastinate or get less work done than when you work in the office.

Tips to Increase Productivity in Remote Working

  • Although opinions vary, as BeNova, we share a few tips that will make Remote Working productive;
  • You can maximize productivity with Control and Time Management.
  • Eliminating Distractions helps remote workers identify their most productive work times and plan their tasks.
  • To-do lists can help increase productivity among remote workers. Communication is critical when you and your team work remotely.
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