Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı
Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

We Answer Your Questions About Our Management Consultancy Service

Benova Consulting Yönetim Danışmanlığı

Management consultancy includes providing expert advice to solve visible and future problems of the company and promoting growth and working together to improve the performance of businesses.

Our Management Consulting service covers improving the success of businesses across a wide range of sectors including Business strategy, Finance, Human resources and Marketing.

BeNova Expert Consultants provide services to increase the efficiency of not only the private sector but also many public institutions.

The role of our consultants is to provide an audit of businesses’ current procedures, recommendations for improvement and a set of action plans for implementation. In addition to taking part in a specific period or project, it can also be offered as a long-term service.

BeNova Management consultants partner with the management staff of companies to advise on strategy and organizational issues and create a road map. For example, we may be asked to develop a new strategic plan to achieve further growth, or we may be given support to advise on innovation/cost reduction strategies.

Although it seems that the implementation of the proposed solutions also belongs to the businesses, BeNova are actively involved in the process. Support can be provided in a wide range of areas, from increasing the efficiency of business processes to the implementation of new technological systems, from outsourcing tasks to optimizing the supply chain. BeNova Consultants continue to support the company until the change transitions are completed and the new ways of working become part of the company’s operations.

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BeNova Management Consultancy Projects include strategy studies as well as “how should we do this?” It also has the expertise to answer the question. For example:

  • Conducting customer research to see which product should be launched first,
  • Suggesting changes in the organizational structure to increase efficiency and collaboration,

BeNova Management Consultants analyze your business and produce solutions that will help you achieve your goal. They can provide organizational change management assistance, coaching skill development, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services. With their industry expertise, they offer different perspectives to help customers improve their business.

Strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills lie behind the success of our BeNova Management Consultants.

BeNova Management consultants have sufficient experience and training to undertake a wide range of responsibilities. BeNova Management Consultants may focus on one or more areas such as finance, law or business development.

Some of the Powers of Our Management Consultants:

  • Ability to take necessary actions on behalf of our clients,
  • Protection and analysis of data,
  • Company salaries and communicating with the team,
  • Providing training,
  • Ability to present summary reports and transfer information using collected data, spreadsheets and presentations,
  • Ability to work in locations where customers are located,
  • Analyzing information to measure problems and form a hypothesis
  • Analysis of financial data and determination of cost reduction options as well as additional budget ranges,
  • Creating action plans and recommending strategies to realize the project,
  • Providing action plans to customers,
  • To assist in the improvement of action plans by providing the necessary resources,

To follow the progress of ongoing action plans, And more, take advantage of our free preliminary consultancy opportunity by contacting our consultants with competencies. You can request “Free Preliminary Consultancy” service by filling out the form on our website.

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