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Authentic Leadership: The Power and Impact of Intrinsic Values in the Management World

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The concept of authentic leadership is an approach that is gaining increasing importance in the business world and radically changes the understanding of leadership. Authentic leadership is a method that emphasizes leaders’ inherent values, honesty, openness and empathy. This leadership style recommends that leaders understand their personal values and act in line with these values.

Authentic leadership focuses on the leader’s inner journey. Leaders must first understand their own values, passions, and beliefs. This means understanding who the leader is and what he believes. This internal awareness helps the leader demonstrate consistent leadership by shaping his behaviors and decisions based on these core values.

This leadership style emphasizes openness, honesty and sincerity. Authentic leaders express themselves as they are and build a trusting relationship with their team members. This allows team members to trust their leaders more and express themselves freely. Additionally, leaders’ courage to acknowledge and be open about their weaknesses gives team members the freedom to show the same transparency.

Authentic leadership highlights the ability to empathize. Leaders stand out with their ability to understand team members’ emotions, listen to them, and understand their point of view. This empathetic approach increases the motivation of team members, encourages cooperation and strengthens intra-team relationships; But authentic leadership is not always an easy process. Leaders may need to invest time and effort in their personal development. The process of recognizing one’s own inner values and acting on those values requires self-understanding and ongoing inner development. Authentic leadership in the new world order enables leaders in the business world to adopt a leadership style that is compatible with themselves and thus demonstrate a more solid, reliable and strong leadership. This approach supports establishing stronger relationships with team members, creating an environment of trust and improving cooperation.

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